Subject: My UK trip
Hi Everyone,

I had been doing a little conferring with others off the Zine, and I realized how selfish this is of me:

If you all did your planning privately, I would never learn of some of the wonderful places I have read about through following your planning discussions. So, at the risk of boring everyone with our plans, I will share what has been suggested to us, and what changes I am thinking of making in our itinerary.

First, the suggested gardens of Hidcote and Kifgate in the Cotswolds are not a part of our current plans, but they may be some places we will visit in the future. We visited the Cotswolds on our last trip and hope to see some different places this time.

Some of you have convinced me that Oxford would be a good place to visit, and since I have always wanted to see a bit more of the Thames Valley, our new plans are probably going to include this area, and not the New Forest. I am hoping to do that, too, in the future.

We need accomodation, eating, and sightseeing suggestions for the plan that now looks like this:

Arrive Gatwick, pick up a car and go to the Thames Valley, staying near Marlow or Henley. I will start researching hotels tonight. We will probably spend two nights, and the second day will be a daytrip to Oxford.

Then we will drive to Devon, I think, staying on the North Coast, but I don't know where yet. Probably two nights.

Then we will drive to Wells and stay a couple of nights. We plan to turn our car in before heading back to London where we will stay for four nights. If anyone has a suggestion of where to drop off the car and get a train into London, we would appreciate the suggestion. Would this be possible from Wells, or would we have to go to a bigger town?

Thanks all, Debbie