Subject: Reintroduction from Budapest
I don't get on this board much anymore, not out of lack of interest, but because I am now living in Budapest. Internet connections from home are not cheap here, though by U.S. standards most everything else is a real bargain.

Recently, my partner and I had the pleasure of visiting with Jude Ronayne, one of the co-moderators of this group. We were able to get together on three evenings during his stay and we had a wonderful, relaxing, and humorous evening each time. Jude has a wit that is unmatched and had us laughing most of the time we spent with him. If he happens through your city and suggest a get-together, we would strongly recommend it. He is a great guy.

If any others are traveling through Budapest, we would be happy to lend a hand in getting you pointed in the right direction, offer tips, or help in any way we can. We do get lonely for English speakers at times.