Subject: Euro Transition and ATMs
Hi, Must jump into the Euro ATM discussion. When we arrived at the Barcelona airport in late Jan. our 1st stop was the ATM. I put in my bank card & requested $100usd in Euros. I got 87 Euros! Now we were jet-lagged but I knew that was a backward conversion! Nobody around to ask. And to add more injury, the machine magenetized my card or demagnetized it...anyway, it wouldn't work again &I had to get a new card when I got home. But, I'm one of those people who also takes enough $$ so I don't have to depend on an ATM. Foot-note: weeks later when I got my bank statement, the bank had only charged me $87 for the 87 Euros so I felt a little better. I guess straight across conversion is better than backwards. 8-( Carol Bailey Madras, OR