Subject: Le Tre Vaselle, Torgiano, Italy
Hi Gavin, Your Italy plans are obviously almost finalised and promise an amazing trip. Knowing how hugely important your restaurant visits are to you, I am torn between maintaining a discreet silence (and risking disappointment for you) - or sticking my neck out and then possibly spoiling one part of your anticipated and actual pleasure. So I thought I would ask the Ziners for their own special input. I am also risking offsiding my special Melbourne Ziner friends, so this is very brave. I know people who rate Le Tre Vaselle in Torgiano, Italy, as one of their best restaurant experiences in the world. So! I can understand why you have chosen it for an indulgence. My own experience was not so happy. We were seated in what I think must have been the English speaking room, which in the event turned out to be more like the English shouting room. Service was haughty and indifferent, the menu .... adequate. The food, a good version of itself. This may have been a chance misadventure and the crowd who shared the room certainly did not enhance the experience, spending most of their time loudly voicing their views on all things wrong with Italy, and demanding that windows be opened and closed at personal whim, regardless of effects on anyone else. Little wonder the staff were not enthused. A great pity though, as we had booked well in advance and travelled a long way to get there in time to visit the wine museum and dine on splendid food. I will look forward to hearing the experiences of other Ziners - both for this restaurant and for other special treat restaurants in Italy. Maybe the cautionary notes for Le Tre Vaselle are: Make sure you are in the main dining room and not in the midst of loudly complaining tourists. Take time to have a drink in the lounge before moving to your table. And do visit the wine museum if that is on your list of interests. It's fascinating. Best of luck, Joan Back in Melbourne, Australia