Subject: Debbie's UK trip
Hi Debbie,

You mentioned Devon, and I wanted to suggest a fabulous place to go: Widdecombe-in-the-Moor, in Dartmoor. I was there back in (gasp) '85, and it was the loveliest area I've ever seen in England. We stayed at a farm B&B called Old Walls Farm; don't have the number, but I happened to notice that it's still listed in the lastest edition of Frommer's England. The gentleman who ran the place was a delight. We had a marvelous farm breakfast, enjoying his company, and then went on a walk through the moors with the farmer's handmade maps. There's a great pub down in the village, too. Dartmoor is a very special place, don't miss it.

We also enjoyed Beer (the town--although we enjoyed lots of the sudsy stuff, too). Great views of the rugged southern coastline.

Can't help you with the Wells information, as the place we stayed in Wells was forgettable. Beautiful cathedral, though.