Subject: Re: Debbie's UK trip
Dear Didi,

Thanks so much for the Dartmoor tip, but I fear you may be contributing to marital discord. ;-) I keep changing where we are going: London has been the only constant in this plan. The real problem in that I let Kurt choose our destination, and since England was not my choice (although it has been in the past) I had no set ideas of what I wanted to see and where I wanted to go.

Last night, I was ready to ditch all the plans and just stay in London for the entire 11 days. I am totally confused. No matter how many recounts I do, I keep coming up with 11 days and nights and it is just not time enough to go in all the directions I am being pulled in.

So my new plan is to cut way back, and head right to Somerset from Gatwick. I am going to check a mapping service or two next, and figure this thing out. Perhaps Gatwick to Wells, for two or three nights, then on to the N. Devon Coast, with the intentions of exploring the coast and Exmoor, for two or three nights. I believe we may spend our last night outside of London in Bath, to catch a few things previously missed, as well as to make the easy train connections in to London.

Comments are sought and will be appreciated.

Thanks, Debbie in Pittsburgh