Subject: Saturnia
Good morning everybody! (the sun is finally shining).

I have a small problem regarding our plans for Italy in May :)) I bough the other day a book on Tuscany, just to help us getting used with the holidays. Nice pictures, interesting texts... but at the end of the book, when talking about the Maremma, there comes a picture of Saturnia and its thermal baths.

My sister has decided that she has to go there and have a bath, not in the Terme di Saturnia, but in some free thermal spring that there is around. She has asked a friend at the office to copy the page of the Rough Guide where it explains all that. It wonīt deter her the sulphur smell or anything that we say. We had planned to rent a car for a day and drive maybe to Siena and San Gimignano (my mum wants to go there). Saturnia is 200 kms south from Florence, it doesnīt seem like an easy add-on to Siena. But, if someone has been there, if itīs a really interesting or funny place, we might think about going there and dropping other plans. She says that we can stay in Siena and get back on our own to Florence, and that she will drive down.

Another option I have been considering is renting a car in Rome, and on our way up to Florence, stop in Saturnia.

But that sulphur smell... Iīm not sure if I want to spend 10 days with a smelly little sister :))

Bye, Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)