Subject: Venice story and Restaurant suggestion.
Hi travellers,

I'm just returned from a weekend in Venice and have a restaurant to suggest to the list.

The story started some weeks ago when I knew a Venician on Internet by the Lonely Planet message board. After talked about our next common holiday destination (Iran), I told her that I have never been in Venice more than for a day trip because hotels in Venice are overpriced and, in my idea, almost every venician are crazy about prices. So I started to swear at Venecians.

At this point she said that must change my mind and asked me will you come in Venice for some days if I host you into my house for free ??... guess what I answered!

She brought me visiting the alternative Venice (we never went in S. Marco square) and she brought me in a non touristic restaurant off of S. Marco area. The restaurant is small, good food, tipical venecian dishes and, over all, reasonable price!

Definitely I spent 2 wonderful full days in Venice and I got a new friend.

The restaurant details are: Osteria da Rioba Fondamenta della Misericordia 2553 Tel. 041.5244379 Mo closed

It is located not far from the Madonna dell'orto church.

Hope it could be usefull, Marco in Milan - Italy