Subject: Re: Hotel Reservations Network
Hi Debbie

>Also, have you ever used a hotel booking service and called the
> hotel itself to make sure your reservation was valid?

Yes. I booked the Pacific Palisades Hotel in Vancouver last year through Funtastik Travel's network. Despite being a fairly heavy web- spender I was paranoid about this because I had to pay the whole amount up front in US$ - and it was such a good deal that I was very dubious. I was also told that I would not be able to confirm the reservation with the hotel until 10 days before I was due to arrive!

Anyway, as the Palisades was our final hotel in a 2.5 week trip, I called in to reception during our first week in Vancouver (when we stayed somewhere a little more affordable). Yes they had the reservation, yes it was all paid for in advance, and yes, they looked forward to seeing us in a week or so. No need to panic.


Jonathan Turton London/Dsseldorf