Subject: Re: Le Tre Vaselle
Joan and Magraret Thanks for the feedback on this restaurant. I thought I had responded but 12 hours later I haven't seen it posted, so appoplogies if it turn us twice.

Initially I had included Le Tre Vaselle because it is a member of the Unione Bon Recordo and we wanted to add to our plate collection (6 so far). I then found that it was listed in the top 10 Umbrian Restaurants last year, and that sealed it. Given our experience at Taverna del Lupo in Gubbio, the price of a collectors plate is sometime too high, and your reviews now leave me nicely purched on the fence.

I've got a challenge for you Joan. If you can remember the name of the restaurant you talked about....the one somewhere on the way south from Bologna and perhaps near Citta de Castello, then we will go there instead. If not , then it is the Three Vessels, but we will only order the antipasto and assess the ambience and service before proceeding to the secondi etc (YES, tongue is in cheek). Thanks Gavin (Sydney)