Subject: Le Tre Vaselle
Hi Gavin, Best of luck! I have trawled my records without luck on the mystery restaurant en route between Bologna and Cortona. A little room to manoeuvre in that distance! But I hang my head with shame at the filing deficiency. All I can offer in my defence is two floods and a building project, since the records were accumulated. Just to confuse you even more in your rate the rater quest, I too have a plate from Taverna del Lupo in Gubbio - but very good memories of a most enjoyable experience there. Charming and caring waiters, a sommelier (can't think of the Italian word - if I ever knew it) who looked after us beautifully, and a good menu. Admittedly, it was a few years ago now but it does show that you just have to be there, doesn't it. To make amends, I am passing on to you a recommendation from someone else - a good judge of such things - for a restaurant in southern Tuscany: Da Caino in Montemerano, a 2* Michelin restaurant, and the chef, Valeria Piccini, is featured in the publication 'Jeunes Restaurateurs D'Europe' - Italian version 2000, I am told. (To add insult to injury, I recall that there was a write up in a version of that publication also about the chef at the magical vanishing restaurant.) Gambero Rosso gives Da Caino due forchette and 88 points, for what that is worth. Happy dining! Warm regards, Joan Melbourne, Australia