Subject: Re: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic
Bill - We spent just a little time in Aachen and thoroughly enjoyed it. We came only because my husband's father had attended the technical university there in the 30s but were both delighted that we had been able to fit it into our trip. We stayed right in the central section at a very lovely hotel that had its own thermal baths in the building. I believe it had the word 'Markt in its name. The most wonderful sheets I've ever slept on! What was interesting (other than everything was walkable from the hotel) was that we got low season rates in July because there had been a major event the previous week. ?? We couldn't figure it out but enjoyed it nevertheless.

So, even if you haven't lots of time for Aachen, even 24 hrs is a nice stop. The Dom has such a different feel than places like Notre Dame in Paris, probably because there are so few people there that you can sense the agedness and history of the place.