Subject: Re: Prague over 5 days of Memorial Day holiday
Hi Monica, 5 days in Prague sound promising !

First of all, donīt be afraid by the language. There are many places where they speak english or german (the latter was more prevalent years ago, english seems to be more fashionable nowadays). Seeing your plans, two of the most important words you need to know are pivo (beer) and kava (cafe) (with a few dobry den (good morning), dekuji (thank you) and na schledanou (bye bye) thrown in).

I would head straight away to the PIS (Prague Information Service) office in the Starometsko Namesti (Old Town Square). You can get there maps, stamps, public transport tickets (maybe a 3 day would be useful for you), book concerts and opera performances. They are very nice people. While you are there, climb the tower and enjoy the views over the Old Town.

I like the Municipal House for coffee, cakes and the bier hall in the cellar, but tempting as they are the tables outside. Try to sit inside. You will not only enjoy a magnificent crystal lamp, but the prices are better, and every now and then they go around with a little cart loaded with cakes so good ... There is a small cafe in the Malastranka Square. If you go up from the Charles Bridge, go straight and you will have to go across a street. On your right you will see the Saint Nicholas Church, and straight, under the arches, you will see a small cafe with a platform on the square where you can sit and enjoy a good capuccino. The apple strudel and the strawberries crepes are not bad either.

Having 5 days, I might go out in the country one of the days. We did a daytrip to Karlstejn Castle. Itīs just around an hour from Prague, and it was interesting. I would buy the train tickets at Cedok in Na Prikope. They speak english and accept credit cards. We have some problems when buying the tickets at the Smichov station. The woman at the counter must have been whatīs left from the stalinist period :))

Get a tram to the end of the line. We did that with the infamous number 22, and we found an interesting church at the site of the White Mountain battle.

Visehrad is also a place that gets sometimes overlooked, but it is really interesting, with the tombs of quite a few prominent czechs (Smetana between them).

Iīll get back later. I hope this helps you a little bit.

Kind regards, Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)