Subject: Re: Italian restaurants
Fantastic! I knew you'd remember sooner or later. We will scrap Tre Vaselle, and have lunch here on the 17th June. We will have driven from Assisi (our base for 2 weeks), to Pisa for the Illuminati on the 16th, stay over and then drive back to Assisi on the 17th.

We have an Aussie who lives near Lake Trasimeno (ownes a B&B) and an American near Citta di Castello, that I'm trying to coordinate for a GTG, and this could be an ideal place. Anyone else who wants to join us is welcome.

Thanks again Gavin

p.s. For anyone interested, the Illuminati is the night that all of the buildings along the river in Pisa, light candles in glass holders that are fixed to the inside of their window shutters. When they open the shutters, there are thousands of candles and the power is shut off to increase the effect.

Joan wrote:
> I believe that the restaurant between Bologna and Cortona
> Loc. Rendola 76/81, 52025 Montevarchi (AR)