Subject: RE: Italy, &bits &pieces

My posting history of recent is spotty at best, but I'll try to improve!

Mei Ching, (in Chicago?) I've looked for the URL for the Santa Catarina in Siena with no luck, but don't give up on me yet!

Who mentioned the gardens at the Villa Carlotta on Lake Como? I collect gardens around the world &have seen some stunners. Villa Carlotta is so lovingly tended, it's a joy to visit. In fact, the citrus allee so inspired me that I made a mini-version in my garden, which we call the Allee Carlotta (areas in my garden all have names evocative of grand gardens!). On a sweet summer evening, I can close my eyes &pretend I'm back in Italy when I'm standing under the cool green canopy.

Thermal springs in Italy: here in the Northwest, we have wonderful hot springs in the mountains, usually reached by some fine hiking. So, I thought it might be the same in Tuscany; not so. I might not have been so disappointed were I not accustomed to the pristine hot springs near home. The little red worms we encountered in the two termi we visited were not pleasant.

Gladys: looking forward to meeting you in Toronto. Anza Borrego is one of my favorite backpacking sites, especially at belly flower time. The fragile desert blooms are often so small, you need to be flat on your belly to really see them!

Gail In Eugene but never for long