Subject: New member introduction
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Rita!

>Dear Travelzine

>After hearing so much about your group from my good friend Susie Kaplan
>(Newton,MA), I am excited about finally being able to share in the travel
>experiences of your members.

>My husband, Harvey, is starting to wind down a very intense career as a
>physician, educator, and writer, and so we are looking forward to a future
>filled with travel adventure. I have worked with adult immigrants for
>several years, teaching English and literacy skills. My current class has 20
>students from 14 countries! I learn so much from them, and it makes me all
>the more eager to travel .

>We are about to take our first trip abroad in 10 years. Does anyone have
>some good tips and information about Venice??

>I look forward to the 'zine members' comments.


>Rita Simon