Subject: North Devon Coast
Hello Ziners

I wanted to put Crazy Lady Plans Trip to England in the subject header, but didn't think it would be flattering. ;-) But I do get a bit nutty when trip planning; I love to think I can control outcomes by planning perfectly. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. I have to say that our track record is pretty good; the more we learn about planning, the better results we get. And of course, the help we get from all of you is invaluable.

My questions today are these: Have you visited the North Devon Coast, and stayed there? Other than Clovelly, where we have been, what is your favorite spot, and why?

We are leaning toward Lynton/Lynmouth, because this is right in the middle of the area we want to visit, but we are open to suggestions.

This stop on our trip will be for three days and nights, preceeded by Wells, and followed by a day and night in Bath, then on to London for four nights.

Thanks, Debbie (crazy lady) in Pittsburgh