Subject: Athens Hotels and Credit Cards
Hi Dolores, We've never stayed at the Astor, but I did a Google search and it looks fine. The location is good. With regard to the credit card for bookings, we don't do it. I noticed that at least one of the links on Google stated that any reservation submitted without a card number would be treated as unconfirmed till it is supplied. That may open the door to booking and then sending the number via phone or fax as soon as you know the availability. (That site also says that they encrypt your data for protection. I still feel unsafe about that).

In our recent dealing with people in Turkey and Greece for our May trip, we've had no problem with checking availability and then giving the card number by phone and fax after. They have all honoured the internet rate even though the credit card number is not given on the form. We've just specified in the text box that we wish to do it this way.

Good luck, Collette Halifax Nova Scotia