Subject: First experience in Venice - tips
Hello Rita and others

Venice is a must-see of everybody so the issue is widely covered in the Travelzine archives. If you go to the website and select messages, you can insert key words for a search in past messages. Here are anyway some tips: Unless you're on an unrestricted budget, Venice can be shockingly expensive. Everything there must be hauled by boat or by foot, so even the basic things are more expensive than the same on the mainland, plus the great flow of tourists has pushed up the price of services. How can you save? For transport, either walk (but you havr to do it anyway a lot) or buy daily or weekly passes for the waterbus. Avoid water taxis; a gondola tour price must be agreed in advance to avoid surprises. When having a snack or a coffee in a bar, do like Italians do, standing at the counter: the service charge for sitting doubles or triples the price. Venice can be also very crowded; everybody follows the marked path from/to San Marco and clog the narrow streets; better buy a map and enjoy following your own way, tracing your route through parts of the city usually unseen by tourists. Like in all Italy, Sunday is a holiday so most shops and budget restaurants or osteria will be closed. The shops and the restaurants which are open have of course to make their day so their prices will be above average!


Paolo Trieste, Italy