Subject: Hostels in Rome
Hi Dana and Ziners!

About hostels in Rome, a friend of mine owns 2; check them out at This one is right between the Vatican and the subway station, on Piazza Risorgimento, a very nice area (busy during the day, quiet during the night). The other is on via Cavour, near the Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica.

I just want to add a note on Kristy's message:

> We stayed at Hotel Des Artistes. Even though it is located
> on the other side of the train station...

It is true that the Hotel Des Artistes is on the other side of the station respect to the center, but this side is the safest and cleanest, the Southern part (between the station and the S. M. Maggiore Basilica) is dirty, dark, and in the night time (also early) hosts prostitution. That is why I don't recommend hotels that area!

Ciao Flavio in Rome