Subject: Athens Hotels
Hi Dolores,

With regard to hotels in Athens, it's very difficult to get a moderately priced one in the Plaka area that meets your needs. We've tried... We found the Attalos the first year, and though it isn't fancy, it was always clean and had superior service. However, the last few trips, it's been full months in advance, so we've been trying others.

You ask about Akropolis House. We stayed at Hotel Akropolis House Pension on Kodrou &Voulis Streets in 2000. I did not see a roof garden. The owner was friendly and very helpful. Our room was up a lot of stairs, and had character. (Tacky tacky motel type odd furniture) Small balcony. The only view of the acropolis from our room was a slight corner from a tiny window behind the door. The room and sheets were clean. Breakfast was one of the better we had at a hotel in Greece: fresh orange juice, real filter coffee, toast made when you order it and freshly cooked eggs (not things that have been kicking around on a buffet table for who knows how long). But we are not going back there this year.

There is also a place called Akropolis View Hotel on Webster St that says they have a roof garden; perhaps you mean that hotel, although I don't think it is in the Plaka.

We also stayed at the Aphrodite on Apollonas Street. I REALLY don't recommend that hotel. I kept my clothes on that night. We were tired and needed a place to wait for the plane, basically, and were there for 8-10 hours, so could not face the hassle of hunting for another place. There were holes in the wall in the bathroom--never again! However, the people that we know who recommended it stayed there the same year and found it fine, as does her mother, who stays there often. I believe there is also a Hostel Aphrodite somewhere; I don't know if you mean that?

This year we are trying yet another hotel (The Cecil). We know the area is convenient to the Plaka--only a several minute walk--because it is just down the street from the Attalos. The web site says its been renovated and it doesn't look bad. It does have a roof garden. Who knows what we will find. Here is the link if you want to take a look:

Joanna would probably have some input that would benefit both of us?

Good luck, Collette, Halifax Nova Scotia Canada