Subject: Athens Hotels
Hi Dolores, last year we tried to stay at the Plaka hotel, based on a friendsĄs recommendation. It was fully booked, and after looking around a lot, we settled on the hotel Achilleas. ItĄs not in Plaka, but very near. Although the street where it is located doesnĄt look appealing, we didnĄt feel unsafe (we walked to the hotel late at night coming back from dinner). We didnĄt have views, but the rooms were good (we were staying at a triple room), big, recently renovated and clean. It is located very near from Syntagma Square, and that comes quite handy for the airport bus. You can have a look at their website on :

Mind you, I did all my bookings in March for a May holiday. I found the hotels in Athens, Santorini and Naxos using the following sites : (more pictures in this one)

Good luck with your search, Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)