Subject: WOWS!
- Everytime I enter the Glencoe (valley) - same effect on the Isle of Mull. - Lying on the lawn in Sheffield Park Gardens and dream.... - Coming over a pass on the coast of Ireland where a harp player sat and played sad old songs. - Evening ride on a commuter boat in the Schaeren - those thousands of islands next to Stockholm - wonderful sunset! - Walking in Bergen's old wood house quarter on a Sunday morning. - Venice in the evening when it rains - mystified! - Morning bath in a swimming pool in Cassis in October with only some sea gulls around... - Sitting on the top of the cliffs at a bay on a little island called Kolocep not far from Dubrovnik hearing Dire Straits (walkman) and reading Umberto Eco. :-) - Beach walk on Sylt with wonderful waves next to you. - Look from Sausalito to SF in the evening with the golden gate in mist. Baerbel.