Subject: WOW!
Hi everyone - all I can say is Wow!! It has been so great reading all the Wows! Now for mine.....

July 1969 - hitching around Europe - Youth Hostel in Lerici south of Genoa that was a castle. I'd been on the road 2 months - we heard that the Americans had landed on the moon. That night about 20 of us dragged our mattresses out onto the castle roof and lay there looking at the huge summer moon and saying ... WOW!

Later on staying near Amalfi a group went down to Praiano at midnight to swim. It was the first time I had encountered phosphorescence and it was amazing

View of Rocamadour from a bar terrace in (I think) Gramat on my 50th birthday.

Orthodox Easter on Syros. Its the main square in Hermopoulis late at night.The very elderly Archbishop of the Cyclades is being carried around in a chair. We are with our Greek friends and the love in their faces for their archbishop and the benign compassion he showed as he stroked our daughter's face remains unforgettable.

The fishmarket on the shores of southern Gambia last Easter. It felt like being in biblical times watching the catch being landed from their shore nets and taken to the smoking huts on the beach.

First sight of St Basil's Cathedral, Red Square

Tramping through the snow to board a steaming, puffing train, Moscow to Suzdal, at 6am one December morning. Alongside us were elderly babushkas with their bundles clambering up onto the train. It was -20 we were freezing and 10 minutes later along came the ice cream vendor!

Riding a camel in the Sahara when we got to the point when all we could see were sand dunes

Charles Bridge, Prague at dawn - it really is fabulous

Taita Hills Kenya. Staying in round huts on stilts and being woken at 4am by the roaring of lions

The list could go on and on and yes - you are all right - we are very lucky to have experienced these magic moments. It has also been magic to share them - thanks everyone

Sally Somerset Uk