Subject: WOW!
A great thread that brings back memories.

For me the Wow's are: - seeing the green flash in the Caribbean, a phenomenon that now and then occurs when the sun sinks down below the level of the ocean and at the last second emits a sharp green flash - from our boat, in between St. Lucia and St. Vincent, watching dolphins perform a circus act, somersaulting and splashing down - hiking in the deserted Cairgorn Mountains of Scotland during an unusually sunny and warm summer - swimming in the warm waters of a deserted quarry in Vinal Haven, an island off the coast of Maine - the Gorges du Verdon (in Provence) - the northern part of Groningen (a province of the Netherlands in the north), just behind the dikes against the Waddenzee. There you feel as if earth has just been created - finding a free and gratis parking space just in front of our hotel in the 6th arr. in Paris. Frieda