Subject: Las Vegas Room Discounts
Hi Ziners,

I stumbled upon this bit of information from Viva Las Vegas Newsletter, which is a Las Vegas e-mail subscription:

The best Las Vegas hotel room deals are those appearing in the L.A. Times each Sunday in the Calendar Section on the Las Vegas pages. There are two ways to get these ads. [1] The Sunday L.A. Times can purchased at any Borders or Barnes &Noble Book Store. [2] The ads are conveniently summarized each Sunday by a great Los Angeles gentleman, Phil Feld. He has been doing this excellent job for free for many years and I recommend him to you. His weekly summary is available on the internet at: or

Phil says You do NOT have to live in the Los Angeles area to take advantage of these deals. When you call for a room reservation, simply tell the reservationist that you want the rate quoted in the Calendar section of the Sunday Los Angeles Times. You can be calling from anywhere in the world.

Also, if you want to subscribe to this newsletter:

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