Subject: WOW!
Hello Fellow Wowers:

My wows (and not in any particular order): - Getting through airport security without any hassle. - Finding out that my plane is actually on time. - Seeing my luggage arrive when the baggage carousel starts. - Getting an upgrade to business or first class without having to sell my soul (again). - Packing everything I want to take and having room left over. - Not forgetting anything. - Having all my photos develop well. - Making connections with time to spare. - Getting what I ordered despite my butchered attempts at the local language. - Conversing and laughing with our hosts in any country we visit. - Sampling the local cuisine. - Sampling the local potables. - Returning a barge without any damage. - Driving through Europe without a speeding ticket. - Waking. - A view of sights that match the postcards. - My cellphone works over there (dubious Wow). - Lift tickets that are incredibly less expensive. - The quality of the local fruits and vegetables. - The people we meet. ;-) Tom