Subject: WOW!!!
Hi Ziners - so many WoWs, so little time... -- cycling along the road on Lord Howe Island at dusk -- snorkelling for the first time on the Barrier Reef and swearing that huge fish was a gigantic, swimming-closer shark ... -- Grand Canyon as the clouds part for our one-and-only 10 minute look - and it was worth every second, iced with snow -- Bryce Canyon at sunset, snow capped -- Maligne Lake as the clouds parted, the rain cleared and the sun shone to light up Spirit Island -- on the Zodiac off Victoria, Vancouver Island and Seattle as the Orca swam beneath our teensie boat -- the 1998 NYC cityscape from the back of the ferry as we chugged over to the Statue of Liberty -- view of the top of the Empire State Building lit in red-white-and-blue as we had cocktails in the Rainbow Room -- mini-landslide as we prepared to walk on the Fox Glacier, NZ, South Island -- swimming with the dolphins in endless blue-green water off Kaikoura, NZ -- Villandry gardens, Loire -- Bonnieux then Gordes, Provence -- Paris every minute! Eiffel Tower, Monet's wisteria bridge in Giverny -- unexpectedly bursting into San Marco, Venice for the first time -- mosaics inside the dome of St Paul's Cathedral, The Vatican -- the Colosseum (I couldn't believe it was in the middle of a road network!) -- in the gondola on the way up to Gimmelwald in the Swiss Alps and looking down ... Hopefully many more to come... (fingers crossed for the sphinx and pyramids, a puffin up close, a polar bear, and a grizzly bear):) Megan Brisbane, Australia