Subject: WOW!!
Hi Ziners, I kept thinking I'd lurk on this one and just enjoy everyone else's special moments, but the more I read the more I'm reminded of times that just set my heart dancing:

First sight of the Statue of Liberty, coming into the harbor on the QEII from England...there is just nothing like it. The tears could not be held back. I felt myself imagining how the early immigrants must have felt reaching the shores of the U.S. however they could manage to get here.

First view of Golden Gate Bridge, which happened to be at sunset.

The perfection of the Matterhorn in early morning sunlight on the snow-topped peak.

Sunset over the terraced rice fields of Bali and watching the parade to the temple of the local people in their brightest costumes with huge baskets of beautifully prepared foods on their heads.

The Grand Palace in Bangkok and watching the adorable childen being blessed in a very solemn ceremony.

The Great Wall of China, and then seeing the incredible mountain formations in the Guilin area as we cruised the Li River. We also watched the village dentist pull teeth as people sat in an old dentist chair right at the edge of the wharf where the boat docked.

Listening to the choir of Benedictine nuns in the Sacre Coeur and then marvelling at the view of Paris from the terrace there.

Watching from the ship the fiery lava flow from Kiluaea Volcano, as we cruised the Hawaiian Islands, hearing the huge sizzle as the lava hit the cold water.

Greece - watching the lighted Acropolis at night from our balcony; our first sight of Mykonos, so white in the midst of that incredibly blue ocean, and the white dotted everywhere with the bright pinks of bouganvillea.

The unbelievable Amalfi Coast.

And, best of all, watching the sunsets from the deck when I get home from one of these wonderful trips. Lou (TX)