Subject: Wows!
Hi Ziners! More Wows! for the collection: - The first (and only) time I saw the Grand Canyon, when I was a kid. - Everytime I see the Eiffel Tower (everyday! yippee!) and similarly, everytime I walk across the Seine with the Louvre and Notre Dame on one side of me and the Eiffel Tower in the distance on the other side. - The view from Eze, a French town on the Grande Corniche high above the Mediterranean. - My first trip on the TGV high-speed train in France (186 miles per hour!) - The high ring road at the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. (Literally takes your breath away because there's less oxygen up at 10,000 ft-plus) - Standing on a cliff on the Big Sur when the fog was so thick, you couldn't see the Pacific Ocean below. - A raft ride on the St. Lawrence River at Montreal. A real thrill. Bons voyages! Evan in Paris