Subject: Wow
Speaking for myself, I would classify my #1 as the view of Florence from Piazzele Michaelangelo (though I will find out how that compares to the view from Belvedere in a couple of weeks). I did not get a chance to ask my wife, but that would be high on her list. Runners' up: dinner at the Giglio Rosso in Florence, Brandi's in Naples, and the Vecchia Padua in Padua; the view from the Hotel Paradiso in Naples, and the Charles Bridge in Prague.

Judging from #1 daughter's reaction to getting off the train at Santa Lucia station in Venice, I would say the Grand Canal was hers.

As regards #2 daughter, it is not fair--she got to live in Europe for two years and Korea for one.

Ira H. Bernstein UT-Arlington