Subject: Films and x-rays
Paolo: Film in checked baggage is at more risk than in carryon: xray intensity is increased for checked baggage after 9.11. The more times film is exposed, the more likely is fogged film. A coworker recently checked her bag (what was she thinking?) thru to Italy, unexposed film inside. Upon return to the US, her processed negatives were too fogged to rescue.

Gone are the days when you could remove new film from their canisters &ask to have them passed around the xray belt at security. Everything will go thru that nasty belt, even coins from your pocket at some airports! It varies by airport, but the lead-lined bags may encourage the screener to increase the xray level until he can see what's in the bag. I've seen it happen at least once on every trip I've taken since 9.11.

I don't have a website to share on security/film protocols at airports, but Jude is correct: xray screening will become more intense &more standardized. Everyone is too focused on airport security to back off on the screening of everything that goes on board.

Good advice: purchase your film at your destination if possible. That'll save some xray time. Have rolls processed abroad at a one-hour shop (expensive? yes, but consider the fogged alternative!). Go digital. I consider myself an obsessive amateur only, but I don't want to risk image loss so I do all of the above! Gail In Eugene but never for long