Subject: Machu Picchu
Sandie- Yes-that is the hotel we stayed at. Paolo's suggestion is a good one except that I do not think you can get in at night because the buses do not run after the site closes. We were on a tour, but once we got the overview we were able to spend the rest of the time as we wished.

Cova is correct about where I saw the info on Macchu Picchu, except that I first saw it in one of the map inserts in the most recent National Geographic. They do have information at their web site.

As to more crowded in June, I don't know. Have you checked the weather? Macchu Picchu is in the southern hemisphere, although the latitude is only 12 or 13 south, so it will be late autumn or early winter. I looked for my guide books from when we were there, and could not find them, but I seem to recall that the busy times were their spring/summer.

On the same trip we spent three days/two nights at a resort in the Amazon. I have blanked out the name, I am afraid. I have never been so hot in my life, and I hate heat. That was one of those been there, done that, not going back! for me because it was so hot. The place we stayed was on a tributary. October was dry season, so the boats could only get us so far. We then walked about two miles through the jungle to the lodge. The lodge was pretty nice in the sense that we had separate huts on stilts with a bathroom. The water was pumped up from the river to the bathroom. There was a main dining room with a generator, so there was electricity at night to eat, and they used it for food refrigeration and cooking. Meals were good. They had hammocks so after tramping through the jungle losing one-third of my body weight through sweating despite drinking water all day long, there was a place to collapse. It was interesting, and I am glad I went, but you need to know how hot it is. Also, where we were was just about at the equator so seasons are wet or dry, not hot or cold.

At the opposite end of the spectrum we went to Lake Titicaca and stayed at a small hotel right on the shore of the lake. There it was cold, and I was happy. (Packing for this trip was a lot of fun) It was owned by a tour company, and I think the name of it was Explorama, but I am not sure. I could not find any of the information I brought back from that trip. It was a nice little hotel with its own observatory. I think the altitude was 13,000 feet, so, again, we moved pretty slowly. We were able to take a boat to some islands and also to a city on the other side of the lake.

I am really sorry I don't have names of the facilities for you. I would try an internet search for Lake Titicaca on the side toward La Paz because I bet that place is still there. It was the only game in town in that area, as I recall. The Amazon has a couple of places that advertise a lot. The one at which we stayed was not the one that has two locations relatively close to Iquitos. That seems to be the most well known.

Well, I know I have given a lot of general information without much useful detail, but I hope it helps in some way. Lisa in Chicago