Subject: Machu Picchu
Sandie: I loved staying at the hotel onsite at Machu Picchu - room 220 maybe is the one with the best view, or was it 202? I had my sweet little mom with me & Paolo's suggestion which would have suited me just fine wasn't appropriate for her. Can you plan your visit for a full moon? That'll be something you never forget!

Altho I also loved my Amazon experience, I wouldn't recommend it now. We stayed at a funky place on the Agua Rica, the place from which those geologists were later abducted! But what an experience, definitely a WOW: canoeing down the river, seeing the birds & monkeys, watching for little crocs along the river, catching piranha, sleeping under netting in hammocks. I didn't like the bus getting stopped at roadblocks out in the jungle, but most of the other passengers were French, I was chattering (albeit nervously) in French, & the soldiers never looked at my too-obvious US passport. Explorama Lodges: Gail In Eugene but never for long