Subject: Macchu Picchu
Lisa, Peru will be in winter during June, so I don't know how crowded it will be. My husband, who is Peruvian, always visits in December, so that it's summer and he can go to the beach.

Our itinerary when we went was the following: We flew from Lima to Arequipa and stayed there for two days. It's a beautiful city, and has a lovely convent.

We then took the night train from Arequipa to Juliaca. That was an experience, since the altitude was up to 16,000 feet over the mountain peaks. It was all I could do not to vomit on the train. It was pretty bad, but it also was beautiful, driving over mountains covered in snow.

We arrived in Juliaca in the morning, and staggered to our hotel. The altitude was so hard for us that first day that it took me about ten minutes to climb the few steps to the hotel with the luggage!

Juliaca wasn't much but from there we went to Puno and the Lago de Titicaca, where we went out on a ferry to one of the floating islands. I also remember going to a trout farm up in the hills above Puno.

We then took the train through the Valle Sagrado to Cuzco. I think that was my favorite part of the voyage, perhaps because of the company of a Spaniard we met on the way. He'd lived in Peru for 30 years, and was intimate with the country. He showed us which train stop to get down and buy grilled lamb meat served on a rough home made bread. It was delicious! He regaled us with stories of Peru. And the valley was beautiful, so green and lush after dry brown Juliaca and Puno.

Cuzco was pretty of course, but the best trip (besides Macchu Picchu) was a day we spent in the various ruins above ... Oh, I've forgotten the name of the village. It's before Ollantaytambo, and there's a waterfall above the village. We spend the day clambering over the hills and visiting ruins, and maybe saw two other people.

Macchu Picchu was too short a trip, since we did the one day thing. Next time we will stay in the hotel at the top, no matter what the cost. The place is beyond words.... Have a great trip! Monica Barreto in Tunis