Subject: Netherlands Trip Report
Hello Everyone, We had the best trip to the Netherlands and Belgium! The weather was perfect and everything came together really well. Thanks to everyone for their help and input. Here are a few highlights: The Resistance Museum in Amsterdam - even though interrupted by a horde of loud, unsupervised Dutch school children, this is a place we will always remember. It is eye opening to see all the Dutch did and tried to do while under Hitler's boot. Kromhout Museum in Amsterdam - for all you mechanical folks out there - this is a shipyard that survived by building diesel engines at the turn of the century. A lot of those engines are still there and they work. There is also a forge and workshop where they repair and refurbish parts and machines. The gentleman who showed us everything -and I do mean everything -had been a child during WWII and he was the one who sent us to the Resistance Museum. He said that after what the Americans did for him and his family, he was always willing to do as much for them as possible - especially when they were interested. (So, Paul was REALLY interested, and I learned a lot.) Otterlo and De Hoge Veluwe National Park - This is number one on my list. From the delightful hotel 't Witt Hoes, Euro 110 per night with breakfast, an exquisite dinner, and park discount to the Park itself, the experience was incredible. In the park, there are free bikes to ride around, a world class art museum, a sculpture garden that defies description, a visitors' center with information on the flora and fauna, and a turn of the century hunting lodge plus acres of nature. We only allowed one day and we will be going back. Utrecht, National Museum Box and Barrel Organ Museum - The name does not exactly describe all that is there. We were able to listen to a variety of music boxes, player pianos, street organs, and dance hall organs being played. Then we got to examine how they were made and the tools and techniques involved. Farm stay in Zeeland - for Euro 96 total, we had a 3 night stay on a farm with a lovely Dutch breakfast, and warm, wonderful hosts. Delta Works - Our reason for going to Zeeland - We were able to walk inside the flood barrier, learn all about how and why it was made, and admire once again the Dutch ingenuity and care for the environment. Zierikzee - a small town that looked like it had a great Saturday market but we arrived just as it was closing Veere - a small, delightful town and probably the only place open on Easter Sunday. Middleburg where we intended to spend the day was completely shut down.

I will send on a part 2 in a day or so. Cheers, Janet Riverview, FL