Subject: Floriade
Hi John: We are just back from Netherlands trip which included the Floriade and the Kukendorf gardens. (I may not have the spelling correct). We had 7 days on a river cruise trip sponsored by the alumni association at the Univ. of Texas. The last day on the ship, we docked downtown Amsterdam and buses took the groups to the Floriade, then to the flower fields and gardens. The Floriade is held every year, but I did not realize that until we were on the tour. Holland hosts it every ten years, so they have that long to plan and construct it. There are areas for every invited country to plan and plant. I would compare it to a sort of world's fair of horticulture. There are also craft and art exhibits by the various countries. Many of the plantings are not mature, but of course the spring flowers and trees are at their peak. Some countries have plantings of things that will mature thru the course of the exhibit, which lasts several months. The area that it covers is so large, it would take many hours to see it all, and the energy required for the amount of walking could require more than one day. The location is south of Amsterdam, and I understand the best way to visit is to take a bus from the airport. There are folders at central station in the city which give instructions, and many hotels have booklets with arranged tours. I would think that joining a tour would eliminate the lines at the gate, for tickets. The upscale hotels also have help desks for getting there and back. If I had to choose between the Kukendorf and the Floriade, I would see the gardens as they are at their peak just now, and they say that due to the weather conditions, it is the best in 20 years; some of the flowers a little late, and others a bit early, so many varieties in bloom at the same time. I would be glad to answer any questions I can for those of you planning to go. Evelyn, Texas