Subject: Quebec City dining
At the Toronto GTG, Linda and I were talking about Quebec City food. Last fall, I spent one night in Quebec City.

Here's where I ate:

Chez Temporal, 25 rue Couillard. Informal cafe. Great soups, sandwiches, etc.

Aux Anciens Canadiens, 34 Rue St-Louis. Touristy in one of the oldest homes in Quebec City. Good but I would try somewhere different the next time. The menu which features traditional Quebecois foods was appropriate for a cold autumn evening but may not be suitable for a summer meal.

We had coffee at Brulerie Tatum, a cafe-bistro on 1084 St. Jean. Very nice, informal, spiffier than Temporal. On a main street near a department store.

We enjoyed the atmosphere, attentive service and great view in the second floor bar in Chateau Frontenac. Live jazz when we were there. It is on the second floor of the hotel, not very obvious, and overlooksTerrasse Dufferin and the river.

Frances Toronto, Canada