Subject: Re: Cape Cod in autumn
Hello Nancy:

In visiting Cape Cod in the Woodshole area you both may want to take a wonderful side trip for a day to visit Martha's Vineyard island since the Ferry leaves from Woodshole. Here is the time table of the ferry:

If its one of those rare September days when the sun is out and its still warm the entire trip is really refreshing all by itself. This is really one of the most interesting islands to discover either with you car, or by bike or motor bike. The sun setting over Gay Head cliffs with its multicolored clays, and the unusual scent of both a rural country side combined with the oceans salty mists are very unique and rather mystical.

I would include this in your visit either for a day or overnight, and make reservations now to stay in Chappaquiddick since this a good town to then travel around the island or rent a motor boat to visit the smaller coves. I would also recommend the Cape Cod towns prior to reaching Provincetown. Check to see if you can return on the Ferry that goes back to Boston from Provincetown, and there is also a ferry (or there use to be one) that would go from Boston to Provincetown. In any case, the chamber of commerce would be your best bet to check out what is happening.

Have a great time in this unusal world of sand dunes and lingering sunsets and mists that drift in slowly.

Larry from NY