Subject: Re: Cape Cod in autumn
Hello Nancy:

Nantucket island is also a very unique island off the coast of Cape Cod that has a notable different quality from Martha's Vineyard from my point of view. There really is only one major town, Nantucket on the island, and you could ride a bike nearly around the island.

I believe there is a great Whaling museum to visit. I remember walking out to the end of one peninsula and finding all types of objects that later someone told me came from the Andria Doria, a large ship that had sunk off the coast many many years ago.

I found there is a strong quality of isolation and yet the feel of the ocean and wind in its most elementary form. Nanatucket does not offer the contast of varying towns and landscapes that MV offers. It is beautiful in a different sense and the variety of things to do is limited. My perceptions should not stop you from visiting this historic island also. It is unforgetable without the feeling of being a tourist. and :

If you have the time I would first recommend MV to visit, there is a ferry that goes from MV to Nantucket, and later you can take a ferry to Hyannisport.

In my last post to you, I should have said the town of Edgartown, and not Chappaquidick which is a small area of private homes across an inlet. There is also a beautiful youth hostel on the island where you can stay for ten to twenty dollars a night.

Martha's Vineyard (MV) is really a classic island with theatres, country fields, great places to see a sunset, and combines the gathering of the aristocratic landowners with both the working class and tourists moving among each other.

There are many celebrities that live here ( The Kennedy estate is still here) and yet miles of roads and small beaches that allow you to feel you are on the verge of discovering something you will not forget.

I cannot think of anyother place in the US where there is this combination of the strength of the ocean air, the Bostonian character (def. not NY) and the life of an island with its primordial character still intack. Moby Dick could have been written on this island by Melville!

Best Regards,

Larry from NY