Subject: Re: Paleoarcheologist (Was: South West France)
Hello everyone,

My son and I were just back from visiting the Quercy/Perigord region surrounding the Dordogne and Lot rivers in the South West of France. We have visited many caves and especially the underground river called le Gouffre de Padigrac. WOW! was my 9 year-old son's reaction when he reached the river. Really, this is something should not be missed. The region is so rich with its history, cuisine and the Middle Ages towns and castles. We were with a guided tour and our guide leader is a passionate historian. We also visited a duck farm to learn how the fois gras is made and you can buy direct from here. We visited Cahors and bought some of its best wines.

We have seen so many interesting places and castles including the famous Rocamadour. Don't miss this city at night--magnificent night lights and activities. There are many other beautiful historic towns--just let me know if you would like more details. I really recommend the area--however, it would be better if you could get a local guide since most towns and caves are located far apart and deep in the valleys. Lots of fun and adventurous activities for the kids. My son had a blast!

Juliette in Paris