Subject: York and Manchester: food and lodging
Hi All!

We're off to York and the Lakes in early July, using Manchester as our gateway. To start, we've booked a short walking program through HF tours at Coniston. From there, we'll be driving back to York. We're hoping to get rooms at the Four Seasons, but won't know if this is to be confirmed until May 9th, when Steve Roe, the proprietor, returns from vacation. While waiting, we thought it would be a good idea to have a backup plan and wondered about other quality B&Bs in York that are close to the city center. In addition, it would be helpful to know of restaurants Ziners can recommend in York and Manchester. At the latter, we plan to stay close to the airport since we have an early a.m. flight back to JFK. We're wondering about any B&Bs that might be close to the Manchester airport.

Regards, Russell from Connecticut