Subject: Re: Futuroscope in France
Hi Paulo We have been meaning to visit Futuroscope - now renamed Planete Futuroscope - for ages and so this trip was planned so we could manage it. We have friends who have visited and it certainly sounds great. It seems to link science, technology and cinema in an exciting format. They use a lot of cinema screens, 3D and motion to explain and let you experience the universe.

The architecture looks fascinating too. at night there is an outdoor spectacular centred around the lake - called Reflections of Uranus.

According to the newspaper article I have the Loire is only 45 min away and it mentions a family staying on the Loire who arrived at Futuroscope at 5pm and left at midnight - might be an idea!

>From what I've read and heard this thinking person's theme park as its billed seems certainly worth the trip - especially if you are already in the Loire. It will be busy in the summer of course but hey so's everywhere!

Cheers Sally Somerset UK