Subject: York and Manchester: food and lodging
Hello Russell,

When we were in Manchester several years ago we stayed at the Victoria and Albert Hotel. Probably pretty pricey (husband's company picked up the tab as we were there on business), but it's one of the neatest hotels we've ever stayed in. Rubber duckies in the bathroom even! Also has an excellent restaurant. Probably too far from the airport though. I think it was about a 30 to 45 minute drive between the airport and hotel. Here's a link... it was such a cool place. Used to be a warehouse that was bombed during WW II.

As far restaurants go, as I said, the Victoria and Albert Hotel has a good one. We also had dinner at Harry Ramsden's... famous for fish and chips. We really enjoyed it... as it's now a chain, I've read bad things about it, but the Manchester location was excellent and reasonably priced.

Have a great trip and I'm jealous,

Chris in Pearland, TX