Subject: Norway
Hi, Pauline -

(Pauline wrote me privately asking about Norway - I'd commented about Norway in my WOW posting - but I decided to post this to the list too, in case anyone else is interested.)

I visited Norway while backpacking around Europe a LOOOONG time ago - more than 20 years ago. I travelled with a Eurail pass, and spent 3 days travelling by bus and boat around the fjords. I'm afraid I really don't have too much information to offer you, because it was so long ago, and don't remember any details. I can only tell you that it was so absolutely beautiful! I took the Oslo-Bergen train (Bergen is a lovely town, worth a visit too), got off at Voss (somewhere halfway along?), and then took a different train (or was it a cog rail?) from Voss to Flam (there's a small circle over the a in Flam). From Flam, I then travelled by bus and boat. I don't remember the names of any other places along there, except for the Geiringer Fjord, which was spectacularly beautiful. And the water in the fjords was so incredibly crystal clear. I have photos where the mountains were reflected so perfectly in the water, you can't tell where the mountain ends and the water begins.

I didn't spend much time In Denmark, but did see a couple of interesting things. In Arhus: (with a circle over the A, otherwise written as Aarhus), I visited Den Gamle By (The Old Town), an open air museum of a Danish market town in the old days. Another thing I thought was quite interesting, was the Grauballe Man a well-preserved mummy found in the 1950's which you can see in the Arhus Museum. There is another mummy, the Tollund Man, in the Silkeborg Museum.

At the time I also enjoyed Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, but I don't remember anything about it now.

I hope this is of some help.

Cheers Laurie