Subject: More Wows !!!
Hi all, I thought I had missed this threat, but seeing that Laurie has resurrected, here you have my wows (and probably I am forgetting quite a few, and they are not in order of importance).

- Watching the Aran Islands from the Cliffs of Moher.

- Arriving to the Gorbea cross on the 21st of December. It was snowing ferociously, and with every step, it was deeper and deeper in the snow that we were walking. It was also very cold (a swedish guy coming with us maintained that we were crazy), but I learnt something. Never go hiking after the office Christmas party. Dangerous and cold.

- The Taj Mahal view from the Agra Fort. I began to shout as a little baby : There, there, I can see it. And, then, the following morning, it was more magnificent and bright and full of colours than I have ever thought.

- Notre Dame, seeing it from the taxi window.

- Walking on the roofs of Santiago de Compostela cathedral. The world is so small down there!

- Sailing in the Rias Baixas, from Ribeira in Arosa to Portosin in Noia. The fog came over us, and suddenly we could barely see the Castro of Baroņa, a neolithic settlement right on the coast. And then, after two hours of blind sailing, the sun came out and we sailed into the ria of Noia in the middle of a wonderful afternoon.

- Any March Saturday, skiing in the Pyrenees, with the blue sky and the soft powder snow. I just want to sing (but Iīd be too afraid, just in case the enchantment ceases and it begins to rain).

- Any place, any time in Rome.

- Napoleonīs tomb (and also Marechal Fochīs)

- Hiking in the Dolomiti, watching the white Marmolada bright under the sun.

- Sailing into Santorini. Well, this one was a collective WOW. The whole ferry got up and moved to watch the caldera and the water #

- Arriving into Prague by train from Vienna. It was January, it was cold and it was snowing. We had to jump from the train, and I still remember the tiles in the Central Station.

- The day we went to Berlin, before the Wall, and my mum didnīt let us eat anything suspicious (including chewing-gum) until we came back to the civilized world of West Germany (just in case).

- A national park in the road between Dubrovnik and Sarajevo. It was really hot, more than 40 degrees, and we were wearing shorts and T- shirts. My sister was 10 years old. Out of the blue appeared a policeman who, very angry, began shouting something about the lack of respect, and signalling to three yugoslavian women all dressed in black. My dad and my brother could stay, but we had to get back to the car. Since then, my mother developed a worry about Yugoslavia, which sadly was confirmed 6 years later.

- The day when they change the clothing of our Puppy, in front of the Guggenheim Museum. That big dog hasnīt stopped surprising me.

Kind regards, Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)