Subject: Quebec
Hello Rebbi, We spent a few days in Quebec City about 5 years ago and absolutely adored it. Jonathan suggested a trip to Montmorency Falls and I'd certainly agree with him. The Falls, if I remember correctly, are at an intersection leading to the bridge to Ile D'Orleans. If you have time, do consider going to this delightful island. We rented an audio from the visitors bureau for a self guided tour (lots of fun - especially when your driving speed doesn't match that of the tape!) and spent the night at Auberge La Goeliche.Charming, quite upscale and overlooking the St. Lawrence. We had a wonderful dinner there on the enclosed terrace. L'Auberge is very French and, when we were there, noone seemed to speak English so be prepared for that. Our French is a bit sketchy and when we were confused over one or two menu items, the waiter went to the kitchen and came back with some handwritten explanations. Obviously someone back there could help All in all. Ils d'Orleans was a highlight for us and we have a very pretty print of the Island hanging in our family room to remind us of this special area. Best Regards Have a wonderful trip Judy Abbotsford BC Canada