Subject: Re: Atlantic Canada
Hi Everyone We have just booked flights to Halifax, Nova Scotia for mid- September. As neither Bob nor I know this area this area (excepting Halifax itself)we are really excited to be going and hoping for lots of help from Ziners.

The current plan is to fly into Halifax, stay for a couple of days then rent a car and travel towards New Brunswick taking the evangeline trail.

After NB we would like to go to PEI for a couple of days, then to Cape Breton for 2 or 3 days and back to Halifax. All of this in about 12 days. Does it sound too ambitious?

I've got the usual guide books from which I can take hotel and dining suggestions but would much rather take personal recommendations if there are any. We hope to find some lovely historic inns or bed and breakfasts towards the mid to higher range. We love to eat outdoors and adore seafood so Restaurant ideas would also be appreciated.

I read Gail's terrific travelogue about Cape Breton but I could't find too much more in the archives.

Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks Judy Abbotsford BC Canada