Subject: Re: Montreal & Quebec City
Hello Rebbi, We are glad you are going to Montreal and Quebec City. Although we live in Toronto, our son went to McGill University in Montreal and we have visited both places many times. You may be interested to know that many Americans attend McGill. Those we met seem to consider it equal to your Ivy League universities.

To really see Montreal, you should go to the downtown area around Sherbrooke St. and University. East and West of here are many beautiful old stone buildings. Immediately north is Mount Royal and you can drive to the top of the mountain for a magnificant view. Between Sherbrooke and Mount Royal is an area of fine old homes which were once occupied by Canada's elite. Many of those homes have been converted to University facilities. For fine arts you should go to the Musee de Beaux Art which is located on Sherbrooke St. immediately west of the University.

For afternoon tea, a special place is the Ritz Carlton Hotel. During the warm weather, tea is served in the courtyard where there is a small pond and ducks swimming around. Very pretty. It is also located on Sherbrooke St.

For a great buffet breakfast, go to the Queen Elizabeth Hotel on a Sunday morning. It's a feast! East of the University are many restaurants which are inexpensive and is where the students hang out. The area is closed to traffic and one can wander freely.

The old part of Quebec City is a world heritage gem, and the only walled city in Canada. We enjoy staying in a hotel within the walled city and wandering around the narrow streets. There are many fine restaurants in this area. Make sure you see the provincial parliament building which has been beautifully maintained and faithful to its era. An important historial site is the Plains of Abraham located just outside the walls. Here a decisive battle was fought between the English and French which shaped this country significantly. The old fort (The Citadel)is well worth seeing.

We are sure you will enjoy your trip.

Katherine and Art