Subject: First trip to Europe
Hi Joe,

Sounds like a pretty comprehensive itinerary. I would think it is verging on the over-ambitious, but if you are good travellers then i'm sure you'll be fine.

Your first day on the road is by far the most arduous. I reckon Paris to St Goar would be somewhere around 9 to 10 hours driving.

A couple of tips for Germany - the autobahn netowrk is great except that you can get caught up in really big snarl ups. Near cities like Munich it is particularly bad, so often it is faster to forsake the no speed limit craziness of the autobahn and head off onto local roads.

Rothenburg is lovely - very touristy, but still nice. If you have time on the way, Wuerzburg is worth stopping off for. There are a couple of big castles / palaces there, although the city centre is not exciting.

When in Rothenburg make sure you visit the torture museum. OK, not everyone's cup of tea, but I am sure the kids will love it. Rothenburg seems to have been the torture capital of Germany and there are some rather amazing things on display. I think the signs are all in German, so might be worth buying an English guide - I am sure they have one.

Munich to Salzburg - again, quite a long day, if you have time to stop then Garmisch-Partenkirchen is an idyllic holiday town, Seefeld, the Austrian side of the border, is also pleasant, and Innsbruck is my favourite Austrian city by some way. I can't immediately think what the car route between M. and S. is, but if it goes near these places then worth stopping.

Hope this helps


Jonathan Turton